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29-30 July 2017: Chinese whip and spinning top competition in Liupanshui

After the launch of in January 2016, it took me another year and a half of research before I could finally complete the agenda page that I had originally planned and which was dedicated to host the calendar of Chinese whips and tops competitions. I have unsuccessfully scoured the local press online, made countless searches on Baidu, without success. And it was finally the chance that made me meet the unavoidable person; The president of the Chinese Whip and spinning top Federation, Liu Jian Zhou.

It all started during my last trip to Wuhan; As I wrote in a previous post, my wife accompanied me, which allowed me to discover and learn a lot of things. Among these discoveries, there are the players from Beijing Lu who offered to accompany them to a competition in Guiyang area.

At first it was a simple proposition: you are interested in whip practice ? Join us to support our team at the Guiyang competition. But after we came back to Zhanjiang, after some phone calls and some exchanges on social networks, the case took a whole other turn. Indeed, from the local association of Wuhan players, the information reached Chinese whip and spinning top National Federation and this is how I found myself exchanging some messages on WeChat with Liu Jian Zhou, the president of the National Federation. As far as to say that for me, amateur player of spinning top and fitness whip, I had reached the Grail.

Within a few days, this informal proposal has therefore been transformed into an official invitation; And according to the latest documents I received from the Federation, I am the official France representative for these disciplines which are still totally unknown in this country. And as such, I will have to make a speech at the inaugural conference. No problem for me who used to speak in public.

I would naturally have the opportunity to talk about this event on but for European readers who would be traveling in China at the end of July 2017 and wishing to attend these competitions, here are some useful information:

Dates: 29 and 30 July 2017

Place: Yeyuhai International Tourism Resort-Liupanshui city, Guizhou Province

Access: 20 km from the station of Liupanshui

How to get there: by train from Kunming or Guiyang – between 3 and 4 hours by train from these two cities.