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This page collects photos shooting I made in different chinese cities where people practice chinese spinning top. You can freely download these pictures for personal use only. For a public or commercial use, please go to Brut-de-pixel image bank where all these photos are available in high resolution, under royalty free license.

Shuicheng International spinning top Museum

After ten months non-stop work, the Shuicheng International Spinning top Museum opened its doors on 29th July 2017, the day the first Chinese whip and spinner competition began.

Whip players at Shuicheng competition 

At the Shuicheng international whip and spinning top competition, the whip players competed in different categories: Soft whip, chain whip and chain whip over 10 kg.

Competition Opening ceremony

29th July 2017 – In Shuicheng arena, was held the opening ceremony of the international competition of spinning tops and whip: at the program, parade, flags, national anthem and demonstration of top and whip.

A 1100 kg spinning top

During Shuicheng spinning top and Whip International Competition,
spinning top players teams were fighting with
a giant 1100 kg spinning top.

Spinning top plate players in Shuicheng Competition

In Guizhou province, people use to play spinning top plate,
a discipline that was represented at the  Shuicheng Whip and top international competition


Song De Le Tuoluo

Song Jian Hua is one of Wuhan’s last artisans
that produce hand made wooden spinning tops.


Zhongshan Park

In Wuhan, Hubei province, retirees gather at dawn
in Zhongshan Park to play chinese spinning top.



In Kaifeng, Henan province, spinning top players have their meeting place outside
the city, along the southern city wall.


Yanjiang Park

Yanjiang Park, on the Yangtse river bank is another “spot”
for Wuhan chinese spinning top players. Here, people play with 5 to 10 kg spinning tops, and 1,5 meter long stick (or longer). Beginners refrain!

Dong Meng Kou

In Zhengzhou, Henan province main city, you can meet spinning top players in Dong Meng Kou Square, south of People Park.