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When you travel across China in the cities of the different provinces where people practice Chinese top or whip, you discover all sorts of players: the followers of the wooden spinning top who play with a nylon whip, those who prefer a metal top, those who prefer a chain or cable whip, or others who swear only by the use of the stick of one metre fifty and more.

So there’s nothing more difficult than choosing your material when you’re a beginner: what kind of a spinning top to choose? What weight? What shape? Must prefer the whip or the stick? Is it better to adopt a nylon whip or a chain whip? What type of whip to use for fitness? etc. To help you find your way around, I suggest you take a look at the various existing materials and discover their pros and cons.

Where to buy the equipment

If you have Chinese friends, ask them to find you a top and whip in one of the countless online shops found on the Chinese Web; If not, go to our boutique Da Tuoluo, where you will find a selection of tops, whips and sticks, tested and approved by myself.