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Da Tuoluo association on rails

At ten days from the beginning of the classes and the resumption of the associative activities, the association Da Tuoluo is on the rails. All we need is a secretary to register the association.

Located in Kerbrat, Maël-Pestivien, Da Tuoluo is a sports and fitness association that exploits the Chinese traditional practices: acupuncture, massage, Chinese whip and spinning top; it offers whip and spinning classes as well as massage and acupuncture sessions. The firsts will be organized in Bourbriac’s gymnasium (subject to a niche of use of the multisport room) and coached by Mathieu Lavant, president of Da Tuoluo; The second will take place in Kerbrat, at the association’s headquarters, and will be provided by Hailei Lavant, graduate of the Chinese Traditional medicine school of Zhanjiang (Guangdong province).

To know all about the practice of the Chinese whip and the spinning top, you will find informations on this same site, in the blog part and in the practical pages. To learn more about the association, go to the association pages.

Pending the Forum of associations where we will be present (on September 8, 2018, at the Hall of the Forges of Bourbriac), you can already pre-register using the contact form of the site.