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In Chinese, ‘play spining top’ is translated with ‘ da tuoluo ‘; there was not more reason that these two words, easy to pronounce for Western people become the name of our website whose objective is to discover and promote the practice of the Chinese spining top outside of China.

What is it?

In France, everyone knows these small wooden or plastic tops that we launche with a simple gesture of the thumb and index finger. In China, in areas where people play spining top, children play with small wooden tops, five or six centimetres high and a stick finished by a string. But it is not these children games that will be discussed on Da Tuoluo (though), but big wooden tops, from 1 to 3 kg (or more) that adults are turning using a 2 or 3 meters whip, or a one meter and more pole finished by a strap or cord. And then, it becomes more than a schoolyard game but a real sport.

Why practice?

But why, the hell, play spining tops, you ask? In France, some people practice bocce or golf, in China one practice Chinese tops to keep himself in shape, to get back in shape or as a fitness activity. In fact, all Chinese traidtionnels doctors agree that the daily practice of the Chinese tops is beneficial to health: balance, circulation, joints, etc., and can help in the recovery after a heart attack or a stroke. In short, all kinds of virtues are attributed to this activity and this is probably the reason why this tradition continues since antiquity.

Da Tuoluo website

Da Tuoluo is a website that caters to all those who want to discover the world of the Chinese tops. Here you will find the blog of a Chinese top player who brings the Chronicles I write regularly on the occasion of meetings with spining tops players in the different provinces of China.

You will also find information about equipment, technical advices, as well as an online store where you can buy this equipment: tops, whips and sticks. You will also find a photo gallery, and a calendar of competitions of Chinese tops (in China).

Finally, for those who wish to learn about this sport, you will find our training programmes: beginners courses we organise scheduled for sports clubs, associations, or MJC.

Mathieu Lavant
Da Tuoluo’s creator