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A 1000 kg spinning top

The day after we arrived, we were out at 6:30 in the morning and we went to the arena where the various teams were practicing or repeating the opening ceremony. And in the early afternoon, I had the chance to attend the first launch of the 1100 kg spinning top. A team of top players had moved the giant top in the middle of the arena, and the players took turns in a group of two to launch this monster, which was of course suspended from his gallows.

The local team players at training with the giant spinning top

For having already tried the Song’s 30 kg spinning top, I knew that hitting a top of this size is like hitting a concrete wall. But I didn’t resist the urge to try. As it was an informal training, I spotted a player whose whip pole was less than two meters away and I asked her to lend it to me.

The author fighting with the 1100 kg top

She wanted to show me how to handle the pole, I told her that it was not worth it. I wait my turn and I attacked the spinning top, in cadence with another player. I do not know if the dozens of stick strokes I gave helped to get the spinning top started but I had to try and my wife took some pictures, it was, it must be said, the purpose of the game.

There was still remaining an unanswered question : when would they unhook the top from the gallows? I had to wait until the competition day to understand the rules of the game. And then I learned that the players were playing in a team of ten; The spinning top was started by hand, then the team had 4 minutes to start the router so that it would reach its balance point. After that, the top of the stem was lifted by blowing a pin and the players still had a few minutes to maintain the rotation. If the router turned in balance, it was won. If it continued to wobble, it was a bad point. In any case, they then hurrying to bring the gallows back and hook the spinning top to the chain that held it in balance.

The spinning top is unhooked from its stem and the players keep it rotating